Full Name Amal M R
Technologies/ Skills ASP.NET,C#,CSS3,HTML5,Java,PHP
Years of Experience 4
Services Custom Web development , Desktop application, Android application Wep portal with android application
Description of the Project DEAL IT is Wholesale, Business to Business (B2B) E-Commerce Marketplace. It strives to create wholesale bazaar in online space, helping manufacturers and business buyers to transact directly without middleman. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) face a huge challenge in selling products outside their geographic regions. Traditional distribution system in India is archaic where layer after layer of intermediaries add more cost than value, resulting in loss of significant margin as distribution cost. Besides, vested interests restrict market access of good and competitively priced products, if not aligned to intermediary interest. In other words, manufacturers are helpless - even if he/she manufactures an excellent product at highly competitive price - selling it across India remains a distant dream without satisfying intermediaries. DEAL IT is a disruptive technology offering manufacturers an alternative online platform for distributing their products in domestic and overseas markets. At the same time, BazarA2Z frees retailers/small traders from captive market of local distributors, empowering them to buy from national marketplace at price, quality and brand of their own choice. The distribution channels so created powers B2B transactions at DEAL IT round the year. Acting as catalyst between buyer and seller - DEAL IT ensures safe and hassle-free B2B transaction within minutes, paving the way for better understanding, greater mutual trust and repeat trade between buyer and seller. DEAL IT is based on cumulative experience of over a decade of running business portals in India. It strives to break new ground by introducing online wholesale trade, seamless integration of domestic and overseas markets and significant reduction in transaction cost and time

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