Full Name Manohar Kumar
Technologies/ Skills .NET Framework,Core Java,Django,Java,Moodle,PHP,Python,Ruby
Years of Experience 10
Services Web App, Mobile App, E-Learning, Mobility, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Education & Publishing, Cloud Management & Migration, DevOps
Description of the Project This Fortune 500 US based publishing firm is a traditional textbook publisher, and a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences. Its open learning ecosystem solutions are available in nearly 60 languages and has proven expertise and technology to provide advanced scientific learning. The products of this firm deliver proven and improved learning outcomes for students, educators and administrators via e-learning solutions. Business Challenges The client primarily sold print books while providing online content related to the books as add-ons. Despite being the undisputed leaders in print publication, the organization was facing the risk of getting obsolete in the modern connected age. TARAMS Solutions Approach In this context, Tarams proposed a solutions approach that: Successfully designed and implemented a cloud based, feature-rich Course Management System to leverage the online channel as a differentiator. The solution is a multi-channel offering capable of publishing content across web, desktop and mobile. Provided intuitive look-and-feel, rich multimedia and collaborative learning tools to enhance the ease and quality of teacher-student interaction, leveraging both in-house as well as third party content to target the instructor and student community. Built a shop engine and shopping cart for users that included a Recommendation Engine and Subscription Management functionalities. Offered seamless integration with customer registration and purchase platforms (again provided by Tarams) to facilitate one time registration for students and instructors. Technologies employed are: BEA Weblogic Server, Apache Struts & Axis, Oracle DB, Hibernate, Spring, J2EE, JPI.

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