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Addanyproject hire freelancer

Process of hiring freelancer

  • Click on the register and login to the site
  • If you are looking for the freelancers click on hire freelancers/post a project
  • Select the main category, project title, description, time period, cost of the project
  • Cost of the project is determined in 2 ways PPH (pay per hour) and PPP(Pay per project)
  • Once you fill all the details of the project then click on post project
  • You will be redirected to dashboard
  • In the dashboard you will be able to see view bids and hire from freelancer database
Addanyproject hiring freelancer bids

Hiring from freelancer BIDs

  • Wait for the freelancers to bid for your project
  • Once you got the bids an notification email will be sent to you on each bid of freelancer
  • View the profile of the freelancer and check his bid value if you are interested with that freelancer click on hire this freelancer
  • If your are on in urgently then click on the contact details after the bid is done from the freelancer
  • You are requested to pay some amount to know the contact details of the freelancer

Hiring from Freelancer Database

  • If you are not satisfied with the bids of the freelancers
  • We provide our freelancer database when you can find your own freelancer
  • Select the freelancer according to your requirement
  • View his profile, check his projects worked so far
  • Click on the contact details pay respected amount and purchase his details.

Benefits of addanyproejct

  • Genuine freelancers available
  • Freelancer database
  • Quick response of freelancers
  • We provide all technology freelancers

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